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World Cup Betting Odds

There will be three types of FIFA World Cup betting odds available. You may wager with any one you like. Your money is valued the same regardless of the odds type you select. We utilize American odds at Odds Shark at World Cup betting odds. Bettors from the United Kingdom Those from the United States and Canada are more likely to utilize fractions, while those from Australia and Europe may prefer decimals.

World Cup betting odds
  • Odds in decimal form: 1.20
  • Probability: 1/5
  • The American odds are -500

Assume the incumbent champion France is facing the five-time World Cup champion Brazil. The wagering odds would look like this:

  • -500 France
  • +250 Brazil

For this example the World Cup Betting Odds, we’ll use American odds since they’re the simplest to understand. In this scenario, France is the favorite, while Brazil is the underdog. Favorites are usually denoted by a minus sign (-), and underdogs are always denoted by a plus sign (+).

If you wager $35 and France wins at the World Cup betting odds, you’d collect $42 – your initial $35 is refunded, as is your $7 reward. In contrast, a $35 wager on a winning Brazil would net you $122.50 – your $35 is returned together with the $87.50 you gained at the World Cup Betting Odds.

Our Odds Calculator will help you figure out how much you’d win depending on your wager.

Football Betting during the World Cup

There are numerous World Cup betting choices when betting on soccer’s largest tournament since there are 31 teams playing – officially, there are 32, but the host country is guaranteed a group berth. The competition starts with eight four-country groups. Each nation plays the other countries in its group once, and the top two from each group advance to the next round.

World Cup betting odds

Round of 16: The winning and runner-up teams from the group round face off.

  • The remaining eight teams from the previous round participate in the quarterfinals.
  • Semifinals: The four remaining teams compete against each other.
  • Third-place playoff: The losers of the semifinals compete for third place in this playoff.
  • Final match: The two best teams compete for the championship.


The moneyline, often known as a’straight-up’ wager, requires you to identify a winner at the World Cup betting odds. If Germany is playing Spain, you would choose the side you believe would win the match.

Asian Disability

This is a more sophisticated soccer wager. Asian handicap betting is similar to betting on the point spread in the NFL or NBA. Instead of merely choosing a winning team, the oddsmakers would need that team to win by a particular amount of points.

This indicates that if Germany is favored by -1.5 goals against Argentina, Germany must win by at least two goals. If Argentina loses by one goal, draws, or wins outright, your bet on Germany loses.

Props and Prospects

Props are wagers on individual and team achievements such as:

  • Who will be the first to score?
  • Is Player X going to score a goal?
  • Futures are wagers on future events such as:
  • Which clubs from their group will advance?
  • Who will win the FIFA World Cup in 2022?
  • Will the finals include the same two teams from the previous year’s World Cup?

Betting on the Golden Boot

The Golden Boot is given to the player who scores the most goals at the FIFA World Cup. Cristiano Ronaldo and Premier League sensation Harry Kane are among the previous champions. Consider stronger teams while selecting a Golden Boot winner.

Let’s imagine Israel has a player that seems to be a scoring machine. However, since it will be playing against top-tier teams such as Italy and England, the Israeli squad may not make it through the group round of the event at the World Cup betting odds. You want to wager on a player whose team will play until the finish of the World Cup, or at least until the quarterfinals.

If you’re ready to wager on the 2022 FIFA World Cup online, choose one of the sportsbooks we recommend from the list above and get started. Before you start putting winning bets on the World Cup this year, be sure to take advantage of free bets and incentives.