F1 World Cup Betting Odds

F1 World Cup Betting Odds, it wasn’t long ago that Ferrari had a large lead over third-place Red Bull in the Formula 1 constructor standings, and Charles Leclerc had more than double the points as colleague Carlos Sainz Jr. The issue had already become whether anybody else could make things interesting at all. Since the last seconds before the race in Imola in April, Red Bull has won five consecutive races, including four by reigning world champion Max Verstappen, while Ferrari has just been reeling at F1 World Cup Betting Odds.

F1 World Cup Betting Odds

With a double mechanical retirement for Leclerc and Sainz in Baku, Verstappen led Red Bull’s third 1-2 result in the previous five races, the reeling reached new heights at the F1 World Cup Betting Odds. Prior to Imola, the Milton Keynes-based team had not finished 1-2 since 2016. Verstappen has 125 points in the previous five races, while teammate Sergio Perez has 99. Meanwhile, Ferrari has earned 95 points, one point less than Mercedes’ total of 96.

Verstappen leads the driver standings following Sunday’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix, but Perez, not Leclerc, is second, giving Red Bull their first 1-2 in points since the 2011 Belgian Grand Prix at the F1 World Cup Betting Odds. There have been 213 races between that race and Sunday’s event.

F1 World Cup Betting Odds

Verstappen, who has now led the standings after each of the previous three races, is 21 points ahead of Perez. But, perhaps more importantly, he is 34 points ahead of Leclerc, which is a bigger advantage than he had over Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton last year — despite the fact that he trailed Leclerc by 46 points only five races ago, a deficit more than three times greater than he faced last year at the F1 World Cup Betting Odds.

And Red Bull, which was 49 points behind Ferrari — and even 10 points behind Mercedes — after three races, now leads the constructor standings by an impressive 80 points. In fact, their margin to Ferrari is now more than double that of Ferrari’s deficit to Mercedes (38 points).

Two months on, the issue remains if anybody else can make it interesting. However, Verstappen and Red Bull are currently in the lead at the F1 World Cup Betting Odds. Nobody should be surprised that Verstappen and Red Bull are the betting favorites to win their respective world titles after the eighth race of the 2022 season. But how significant have the odds changes been?

Verstappen is currently the big favorite at OKBET, while Leclerc remains the second favorite, despite Perez’s rise to second position in the driver rankings. The following are the top six.

NOTE: A successful $275 bet earns $100, whereas a successful $100 bet gets $325.

  • Red Bull’s Max Verstappen: -275
  • Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc: +325
  • Red Bull’s Sergio Perez may be reached at +800
  • +2500 George Russell, Mercedes
  • +4000 Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes
  • Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz Jr.: +5000

With Perez currently second in the driver standings at the F1 World Cup Betting Odds, Red Bull is considered far more likely to win the constructor championship, their first since 2013, than Verstappen is to win a second straight driver title.

Mercedes is tied for third with Alfa Romeo and AlphaTauri, who are in fifth and seventh position, for some reason (and we have no idea why).

  • -350 for Red Bull
  • +240 Ferrari
  • +2500 Mercedes
  • +2500 Alfa Romeo
  • +2500 AlphaTauri

If you bet on Alfa Romeo or AlphaTauri, you may as well pour your money down the drain. The Canadian Grand Prix, the ninth of 22 races on the 2022 Formula 1 calendar at the F1 World Cup Betting Odds, is set to take place on Sunday, June 19 at 2:00 p.m. ET at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (ESPN). As a consequence of COVID-19-related regulations, this event has been removed off the schedule for the previous two seasons. Make sure to start your FuboTV free trial before the race!